Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht

Copyright Law / FILESHARING

Cease-and-Desist Warning?

Charge of copyright infringement?

You received a cease-and-desist warning from law firms like

  • Waldorf Frommer

  • Rechtsanwalt Daniel Sebastian

  • rka

and you should pay several hundreds of euro and give a declaration to cease and desist, because you should download or upload a film or a piece of music (“Filesharing”)? In most cases this is not necessary or at least it is possible to reduce the amount you have to pay.

Experience in more than 300 filesharing cases

As a specialized lawyer I have experience in more than 300 filesharing cases all over Germany.

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  • whole out-of-court correspondence

  • declaration to cease and desist

  • explanation of the next important steps

  • legal advices because of several hundreds of Filesharing-lawsuits all over Germany

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